Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather Book

Whether witty or dark, these short stories and essays are heartfelt, and always centered squarely in the truth. These works explore a broad spectrum of contemporary gay issues: growing up, coming out, living loud, growing old. Life on the outside. With themes including childhood angst, chickens, boys who are friends, boyfriends, fear, body dysmorphic disorder, marijuana, patricide and matricide, multi-ethnic families, transgender love, modern religious fantasy, Clint Eastwood, deaf culture, dogs, air travel, sex parties, homelessness, obesity, rural gay life, May-December romances, the impact of HIV, and love in general, there is something in these pages for everyone.

Here, together for the first time, he presents nine fictional short stories and nine personal essays, each marking a significant milestone in gay male life and each tackling a different aspect of contemporary gay male culture.